Wednesday, December 5, 2018

12/6/2018 - Day Two of MSC-1 Infusion - send those healing vibes

Just a quick update and a request for some loving/healing vibes as I embark upon my second infusion of MSC-1 tomorrow morning. The first round went well, so I don't foresee any issues but these days are always filled with a bit of anxiety so the love and calming energy you send will do wonders for allowing my mind to relax and my body to allow some good healing conditions to take place from within.

I want to share a few links to this study because the science behind this protocol is absolutely fascinating.

The interesting part of this new drug is that it focuses on molecular components of the cancer cells which have found ways to suppress my own immuno response to their threat. This drug stops the cells from suppressing my own immune response and re-opens, re-invigorates the environment most optimal for healing. 

Throughout this journey I feel like I've been blindly chasing this ever-evading environment for optimal healing to take place but it's always just been a bit out of reach. When I mean healthy environment, I mean all aspects of myself as a human - mind/body and soul. There was always one or two that felt a tad out of sync. But recently there has been a massive shift in my thinking and maybe it came with my radical acceptance of this diagnosis. I've felt so much more focused, inspired, loved, supported and protected than I think I ever have. It's as if all of the factors are lining up for the most perfect environment of healing to take place. 

I feel good. I hope you do too. I'll be drinking my juice in the morning on the way into the infusion and will keep you posted as we move into the weekend. 

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