Friday, December 7, 2018

Come on Lilith

My little liver, Lilith, I love you so much. Let’s get our shit together this morning so I can order round DOS of my lovely stem cell java. You’re overly analytical at times, but that’s okay. It’s because  you’re connected to me. Just sit back, don’t overthink and allow.

We’ve got this. 

Well, Lil you're moving in the right direction and those enzymes are coming down but you're taking your lovely sweet time which is how I know you're definitely related to me. It's okay, I won't rush you. Take this time, because it must be important. Let's take this weekend to unwind, refresh, recoup and get ready to redo some blood work Monday morning. Next week will be a big one as we get ready to tackle the brain ninjas and come up with a plan for when Lilith will be able to handle her next dose of stem cell magic. 

As customary, my type-A personality struggles with these game-time changes. Like any type of player, you get ready for the game by pre-planning and visualizing. I do that for these important appointments and so when things don't go to plan I feel a bit lost. Yet, here again, in these moments of uncertainty the universe knows exactly what I need and it triggers my Mom to randomly come across a picture of her Dad and calls her to forward it on to me. 

Hi, Grandpa. Thank you for reminding me that game-time changes are just fine and we don't need to know the how or why right now, but there is a plan and it's working. I love you.



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