Friday, December 28, 2018

This too shall past, this too shall last

Back to the land of the living? Are we right side up yet?

I've been living in the mind/body symptom swamp of terror for a couple of days as we wait for answers.....or just some frickin planzzzzzz. (There is only one assumption to make here and you are correct. This place looks/feels EXACTLY like the upside down from Stranger Things...did you even have to ask?).

To say that I've had an unshakable "spidey-sense" tingly of fear creeping around in my brain for the last couple of days can now be described as the understatement of a lifetime. I'm fairly certain that preparing for life/groundbreaking news from a place of sheer terror is a normal human reaction based on that annoying little negativity feedback mechanism thing ma-jingy...all because there were these LARGE MONSTERS called dinosaurs roaming the planet with people way back when. UGH. Fuck, dinosaurs, man.

Sorry, guy. But you sure screwed things up with a human's brains ability to process things square from a place of fear. And now everyone gets all excited when we find you! HEY YEAH MAN, WE LIVED. HE DED! Throw that stupid bone away. Any point in having a giant reminder of human evolution on your desk that Dave the dinosaur just continually wafts his stinky fear breath that everything is terrible, horrible, no good very bad?

Piss off, Dave.

So what happened then, yeah? Well you want to see something absolutely breathtakingly beautiful? You walk into a room of 7 doctors, all of which are women, all of which have taken off their white coats so as not to intimidate. They make up certain components of specialist teams which have been treating you since you arrived in the hospital with your head oncologist, after giving you with a big hug sits to your left. Of course they're all insanely beautiful creatures, both inside and out. I wasn't only treated by men, but my intuition tends to pull strong woman warriors to center stage and these, my friends, are ABSOLUTE WARRIORS. They all walk us through the events of my little body melt down and leave us with a likewise beautiful plan, which we shall call "System Stabilization". Let's get these organs operating at least at optimum level rather than break-neck speed. Then we discuss further interventions. Right now, my organs would not tolerate the toxicity levels we would need in order to administer harsh drugs, chemo, radiation and aggressive finger-pointing. Sounds good to me! Let's get these Sally's back on the wagon and put em to work. I can stay in the hospital as long as I need and then do the recuperating/system stabilization process from wherever. So where may that be, you ask?

I've heard from a wise woman recently (me) that you should really start to follow those inner voices and intuitive signs. So guess what's been on my mind a whole bunch, recently? Sorry, not Georgia. But close! Arizona! I've been craving a beautiful environment to clear out the junk from my system and bring in the good and just be enclosed in some down home frickin natural beauty. Know a good place? Because I do! And they've been swinging between my ears literally for the last TWO MONTHS (at very least). Sedona and Mesa have been continuously popping into my head and both also happen to be:1) naturally breathtakingly beautiful and 2) high on the energy scale in terms of healing. Of course, the second I start to proclaim these ideas of mine--based on the synchronicity-vortex i'm living in I"m getting messages from people who are either CURRENTLY there or have been there and have healed or those that know about. Shit. you. not. (So please keep junking up all my messages with tips, stories and contacts!)

Lesson of the day:

1) when  you're ready for it
2) open yourself up to it and ask
3) the universe will literally deliver to your doorstep

So there is a lot to unpack in the above...I get that. BELIEVE YOU ME, I definitely plan on doing some deep unpacking here because after this meeting, I've just never been more excited for living. It's weird, I keep trying to replay events in my head from "our conference" similar to probably how I would back in high school after a break-up with a boyfriend...looking for the parts which were terrible and awful and horrible and scary. I go into my head looking for that and what comes out is this absolute FIRE for LIFE. So I guess that's where I'm the land of the fire. To purge. Clear. Heal.

Will never leave you without an abundance of Adlie love bug pics to lift (an already good) mood:

Love ya'll




  1. Thinking about you like crazy #SSW. I prayed the rosary this morning for you. Sending you all white light, joy, peace and more awesome strength (which you clearly have). You’re beautiful; you’re inspiring; you’re kicking ass and taking names. Take care. Luv, Enid.

  2. Adlie is definatatly a ray of sunshine. She's such a sweetie, just like her Auntie Rach. You continue to amaze me with your writing. You have such a gift with words. I especially like the humor (swearing) part of your blog. Now it's time for you to heal and be even more inspiring. Sending love and hugs. Love, Auntie Sandi

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