Friday, December 14, 2018 that you?

By the way, does everyone know that a live action version of Dumbo is expected out in March. I can't even listen to the song, let alone watch a LIVE BABY/CGI baby elephant weep for his mom. SOUL CRUSHING.

That aside:

Couldn't breathe today, which is super annoying when you need to breathe to live and stuff. So we headed into urgent care for some facial-esque mask wear which delivers steroids to your lungs to help those little Betty's out a bit.

Although I was pretending I was simply undergoing a state of the art high tech medspa facial, I was unfortunately and unbeknownst to me channeling Dumbo.

I, however, was not crying for my mother outside her circus trailer. I instead sent her home to my own circus for some much needed rest. She reaches a point throughout the days where she starts to misplace her phone about every 1.75 seconds and after finding it under a small coffee table in a waiting room we surmised that we had passed this particular point in this current day by about 300 hours.

Here is an adorable snap of Irving, a fellow resident dog of our apartment which we get to see on occasion and had the luck of running into him on our way into the hospital. Mom has picked up the habit of chasing him around with her pockets full of dog treats. (Don't blame her).

He's a bit under the weather too after a certain appendage was recently removed...

So yesterday was weird and I definitely felt mentally off for much of the remainder. Sometimes, I think days like today will follow as a way for my body to catch up to the "news" or just start acting like a toddler dickhead and blow off some steam about why it's pissed. I'll allow it. I get it. Just eventually pull yourself back together and move forward.

So anyway, that's the game plan for tomorrow.



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