Thursday, December 20, 2018

Is it bizarre to be experiencing extreme bursts of absolute bliss right now?

Tomorrow will be a week since I came into the hospital (yikes) with what I thought was going to be a simple request for a nebulizer treatment. Slowly but surely is the name of the game and that's fine with me. I'm slowly stabilizing and the docs are surely figuring out the genesis to this little event. Once I'm stable, I'll be released back into the great unknown. We'll meet with my dream team and get another plan in place.

You could say times are a tad uncertain or on shaky ground. Every now and then you get ricocheted into these really dark places but the light that shines through from your loved ones is the most brilliant thing you'll ever see. The dichotomies are extreme here but are absolutely riveting.

Here is just a small sampling of the daily love I receive that literally feeds my soul and blasts open the beauty and power of the human spirit.

Of course, as I'm waiting to post these pictures I take time to scroll through some emails and in keeping with this divine/synchrodestiny world I'm currently living in I'm once again brought to my knees by a colleague's email. It's sent out of pure love and I weep not just for the individualized messages within but for the overall beauty of the soul and what a soul does when seeing another in need.

This is all so hard to describe. In the depths of these great unknowns I keep getting these booming sensations of PURE JOY. Is this what happens when your soul shatters, breaks open and finally sees life for the first time? I've tried to put it into words to a few people and I become so overwhelmed that the words leave my mouth and I sit there with this stunned tearful look on my face and that's about where the conversation ends.

There is so much beauty around us and WITHIN us. Ugh.. tap into that (guess I had to try to tie the last post to this one :)



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