Thursday, December 6, 2018

Love Heals

After only a two day foray into the world of journaling have I actually figured it all out? The meaning of life? Why we are really here? Let's be real, this isn't a "dear diary blog"...this is soul-shaking stuff and I've been ripped open (along with my family) from the seams.

What does it mean to be human, to exist in this physical place? Why didn't we decide to stay in that ethereal glorious place of unconditional love where our bodies are not muddied down by pain and endless to-do lists? Could it be so simple? Could it be to experience what it means to love in the human form? 

There are no words to capture what I have felt since sharing my story other than to say that love truly HEALS. I have been wrapped in the most magical blanket of love, light and absolute magnificence. The crazy thing is, it isn't just the outpouring of words, calls, hugs, kisses, messages, etc. - I can actually FEEL the energy and light coming down onto me and it's the most incredible feeling in the world. I want to wrap every single one of you in this blanket of love! 

So let's go on then, I actually want to give it a try. Come on guys! You have to humor me here. And just like I know most everything (shut up Dan) I know for a fact that this will work, because the breathtaking love that you have sent to me existed in you first. It came from the beauty of your soul, when seeing another soul in need. 

So, here we go. Please sit back, close your eyes and focus on a beaming beautiful stream of light flowing from the crown of your head. Streaming, so full of warmth and expansion and beauty and finding it's way into your heart. Open your heart as you start to feel that loving energy move throughout the rest of your body, flowing outwards down your chest, through your legs, arms, out of your hands, enveloping every single cell along the way. As you feel this warmth wash over you, tell yourself how much you are loved. You are a magnificent creature deserving of so much love. Tell yourself thank you, thank you for tapping into that love when another human was in need. Rachel wants you to know how grateful she is that your beautiful soul found it's way into her world and is helping her in a time of need. You are beautiful and so incredibly loved. 

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