Saturday, December 29, 2018

The night the Jewish Penicillin saved my life

NPO is a word you don't want to hear in a hospital, It's a latin phrase that translates to "nothing by mouth"...and let me tell you. I'VE BEEN HEARING IT QUITE A BIT. After a couple of dark afternoons of the soul, hearing this phrase was quite the hammer blow.

However, in typical MSKCC saving grace fashion, Jessica came frolicking into my room telling me that I was off NPO. So I shouted at her to "FOLLOW THAT BRITISH MAN!" He knew exactly what to do and picked up a piping cup of


  1. I’m hoping NPO is lifted for good so you can guzzle some champagne tomorrow and toast to 2019 - the year of wellness and healing and recovery and swearing and laughing and victory!! And some new shoes! Keep giving them hell. And a hard cut to the upper jaw! Thinking of you. Knowing you’re too feisty for this. Seeing the light. And it is you♥️!

  2. Rachel!

    Hi sweet girl... we are sending you all the positive vibes and energy needed for the remission you’re going to get in this great new year ahead!

    Please Keep writing. I am grateful that you have provided us the ability to understand your world through your incredible ability to write. You have a talent beyond words. Literally. You have the soul of an angel, just like your dream team of Doctors - we are all so thankful for the care they are providing...

    Stay strong little weed, keep your mind as clear as you can and your heart will do the rest! See you soon💕

    XOXO, West Family

  3. NPO sucks! So glad they’re giving you some chow! That looks delicious! Hope it was just what you needed. You take care girl, sending you all the white light, prayers and power. ❤️ Enid.

  4. Dear Beautiful Rachel, just reading your blog shows me even more what I’ve always known about you. You are strong, wise.clever, funny, intelligent and radiate so much light from your soul. We love you so much and our prayers continue for you and your family. I always remember your laughter, smile and bright light shining from within. May God Bless and Keep you, jJean Phillips

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