Thursday, December 6, 2018

Quick update for today - slight delay for round Two of MSC-1

One of my liver enzymes was a tad high today so the team thought it best to re-do my blood work tomorrow and postpone treatment by a day. I'm on a lot of drugs right now, so that's likely the cause of the increase but they're being cautious because you wouldn't want to add an infusion to an already potentially compromised liver. Smart, right? These guys must be doctors or something. We attorneys just file shit and worry about it later....shhh don't tell.

But don't turn off those magical love vibes, just save them for tomorrow! These little tweaks to the schedule always cause me a bit of trepidation but I know deep down in that all knowing place that this was supposed to happen today for some reason.

I've had a loving chat with my little liver (let's call her Lilith) who has promised to get her act together for tomorrow so that we can receive some healing stem cell love bath.


  1. This blog is great! Keep fighting and being you. Looking forward to following your progress and wishing you the best and speedy recovery. Take care Rach.