Saturday, December 22, 2018


Do you even know me if you can't say that one of my most absolute favorite ways to spend my time in life is coming up with pranks? When filling out forms and being asked for "hobbies" I legitimately put "pranking people". BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH PEOPLE.

And finally in the Art of Rachel Pranks someone has almost topped my game:

I kind of censored for Enid, but let's be real. We know what it says. For Enid's peace of mind we'll say the recipient of the "message" is cancer. You know what to do, cancer. Go on then.  

MY FRIENDS HAVE OFFICIALLY PERFECTED THE ART OF THE HOSPITAL GIFT! I can claim no greater glory than the impetus of inspiration for this fine feat.

So yeah, I said it earlier. The last two days have not been grand. My tummy has been responding poorly to all the steroids, antibiotics and napalm they're feeding it so yesterday was in some pain and unable to eat. Well, when they don't trust you can eat one day...they hold off on feeding you for the next. AGHHHH. I've been munching on ice chips for two days. I told the doc our goal tomorrow is a swig of water and three of coffee. I'm fine with someone just walking by me with coffee at this point.

Led and Lud seem to be cooperating though and are getting over their little shit fit day by day. But as far as timing goes, it can be said with a degree of certainty now that I won't be heading home to ND for the Holidays (hopefully out of the hospital/fingers crossed).

What does that mean? MIDWEST INVASION. What could possibly go wrong?

This is Adlie telling me "Rachie, when we done eating we gone come there". Okay, babes!

I'm pretty damn excited about it all. Also about all the continued love and support I get from you amazing amazing people. Here again is just a glimpse:

Alright guys, love you!




  1. You are so amazing. I look back on those days in the hospital and know you were frightened and hurting, you just never showed it. I love talking to you; I miss holding you.

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